Entebbe authorities resort to schools in last gasp to promote public health

By Eve Muganga

Authorities in Greater Entebbe, Wakiso District have resorted students and pupils in a bid to promote public health and environmental conservation.

‘’Schools are the best allies in programmes because children are the best change agents. Having children involved in protecting our environment including the lakes will help a lot in conserving environment,” said Entebbe Municipality MP Rose Tumusiime.
She said there was need to promote public health which is the art and science of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts.

“Last time we had a programme fighting polythene bags in schools. We had succeeded but because of our weak policies which keep on changing in Uganda, things died. Therefore, involving young children will help in creating platform for the young generation because they don’t easily forget,’’ Ms Tumusiime said during the Lake Victoria inter Local Authorities public health competition at Entebbe municipal offices where 12 schools from Entebbe Municipality are to compete with schools from Jinja Municipality beginning March this year.
According to her, public health is an issue that needs intense public awareness campaign.

Entebbe mayor Entebbe Municipality mayor Vincent Kayanja De Paul and chairman LVRLAC Uganda chapter and Regional chairman LVRLAC said that LVRLAC is a network of local government surrounding Lake Victoria.
Among the 12 schools to take part in the competition include Nakiwogo primary school, Kiwafu primary school, and Entebbe comprehensive secondary school among others. The winner will be given a trophy among other prizes.


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