Electorates, FDC candidate accuse security personnel of aiding voter bribery in Sheema


Electorates in Kigarama Sub County have accused security operatives of aiding electoral malpractices by offering protection to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) members who were allegedly moving around bribing voters.

Ms Allen Mwebase, a resident of Kafunzo village in Kyangyenyi Sub County claimed that NRM members and security officers chased people they suspected to be FDC members from some polling stations as they bribed voters to tick NRM candidate, Ms Naome Kibaaju.
“We are not comfortable with police and NRM members here because they are moving around chasing us from polling stations. They chased us from our polling station in Kafuzo and they are busy giving out money,” Ms Mwebesa said.

FDC candidate Guma Nuwagaba also accused Sheema Municipality MP, Dr Elioda Tumwesigye of causing confusion in Sheema north.
Mr Guma further said security officers were being used by NRM members to intimidate voters and influence the outcome of the election.

‘’ I know that security officers are following orders from NRM members who want to influence the outcome of the election. They are all orchestrated by Dr Tumwesigye who abandoned the constituency to contest for Sheema Municipality,” Mr Guma said.
However, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, who is also Sheema District chairman dismissed the allegations as false.
Dr Elioda said the voting process was moving on well, save for two incidents where two FDC officials were arrested over electoral malpractices.

Former Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality MP, Oddo Tayebwa and the Mbarara District FDC chairperson, Mr Stanley Katembeya were arrested on Monday over allegations of electoral malpractices and taken to Kigarama Sub County police station to record statements.

‘’I have started monitoring but the situation is calm and there has been no incidents of violence. Security is in control. I have seen Tayebwa here (at the police station) recording a statement and after that, I think he will be let free,’’ Dr Elioda said
Ms Kibaaju also accused FDC officials of causing chaos in the constituency and creating uncertainty among the voters by intimidating and lying to them.

‘’I do not know what these people are looking for. Katembeya and his group have been here all the night telling voters all sorts of lies. Given the support I have, I’m sure of winning because the same candidate I defeated in the NRM primaries is the one I am competing with today. I still have my supporters,’’ Ms Kibaaju said
Meanwhile Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson, Mr Marshal Tumusiime could not react to the allegations as he was still preparing what to tell journalists about the incidents.

‘’I am not commenting now because I am planning to tell you everything at the tally center,’’ said Mr Tumusiime.
Voting has ended at most of the polling stations and tallying is underway.
At Runyinya Catholic Church polling station, Kibaaju had garnered 162 votes while Guma got 79 votes.
And at Rweibare Kitoke polling station, Guma 209 while Naome got 92 votes.


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