Eating fish during pregnancy


A number of women develop different cravings during pregnancy and mine is fish. However, an article I read on the internet stated that pregnant women should not eat fish. Why? Claire

Dear Claire,
Fish contain nutrients including omega-3 fatty essential acids that humans do not make but have to get from external sources. Also, fish contain proteins, vitamins (B12), and minerals such as iron, which are all nutritional essentials for the foetus and mother alike.
The concern with fish is high levels of mercury in large salty water fish but the fresh water fish in Uganda do not have such issues because they do not carry that much mercury.

Mercury in pregnancy may be toxic to the foetus because it has been linked to developmental delays and brain damage.
Please eat your non-imported fish without fear but make sure it is well boiled to kill likely contained germs, avoid liver (due to lots of a type of Vitamin A linked to birth defects), raw vegetables and half-done eggs (because both may contain germs) for a healthy pregnancy outcome.

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