Drama At Court As Woman Undresses Herself


By Milton Emmy Akwam

LIRA: Free drama ensued at Lira High Court main gate on Tuesday morning after the justice remanded six members of the same family to prison.

The Court presided over by Justice Dr. Winifred Nabisinde, a resident judge for Lira circuit sent on remand the suspects over attempted murder.

Drama At Court As Woman Undresses Herself

Those sent on remand until 24th July of this year when Court will pass a ruling were; Olwa Nelson, Okaka Peter, Ochom Martin, Oroma John Peter, Owani Geoffrey and the complainant’s biological mother, Alobo Nancy, 46. They are residents of Nambieso Sub County in Apac district.

Omeny Tom, the complainant who also doubles as a son to the remanded female suspect whilst a brother to male suspects told Court that they attempted to kill him.

He told Court that on the 17th November, 2014, his huts where set ablaze over land related wrangles.

Omeny added that his life was constantly threatened by the suspects and accused him of possessing a gun.

However, Akot Dorcus who’s Omeny’s sister accused her brother of using police to cause arrest of family members.

Akot who protested the Court decision to remand her relatives claiming they were Innocent, stripped her clothes in protest.

Drama At Court As Woman Undresses Herself

Her protest came after the complainant again after court remanding the suspects, again demanded police to arrest her sister claiming that she had a similar case to answer.

The fracas brought commotion and drama among police officers, Lawyers and Court staff who exchanged bitter words with a Field Force Police commandant and his troops.

The situation normalized after Justice Dr. Nabisinde Winifred sent a message ordering for the release of protesting and chaotic Akot Dorcus.


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