Detained Rwandan national freed on bail


Moses Ishimwe Rutare, a Rwandan national, who was last week charged before Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court in Kampala with illegal entry and stay in Uganda, has been released on bail. He has been granted a 2 million cash bail.

According to his lawyer, Daniel Walyemera, the security operatives assumed he was carrying out spying activities when he told them he was Rwandan.

“He was not arrested for any offence. Its like you are walking anywhere near a gate and people in plain clothes ask you what you are doing near their gate. That is how it begun. He didn’t even know he was near a CMI house,” the lawyer says.

His partner, Eunice Esule, says she had last seen him on December 22 last year and was shocked to see the state he was in on February 27.

“When I saw him he was very weak. He just stood and stared at me blankly. I think he also had believed that he would never see his relatives so he just looked at me,” Ms Esule says.

Watch the video here:Rutare freed on bail

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