Councillors furious over shoddy work on abattoir


NTUNGAMO. A section of Ntungamo Municipal Council leaders and a civil society organisation have accused the district technocrats and the executive of failure to supervise construction of an abattoir in Kahunga Ward, Western Division, which has resulted into poor workmanship.

The work was contracted to Asibe Construction Company at Shs104 million.

No value for money
Mr Elias Beinomugisha Kakyafu, the chairperson of the district finance committee, said on Monday that there is no value for money from the project.
“They convinced councillors that they were going to construct a modern slaughter house and other facilities using Shs104 million but when you look at what they have since constructed, I don’t think it even costs Shs30 million,” Mr Beinomugisha said during a council sitting.

He said the plan of the abattoir was altered. While it was supposed to be 74 feet, the slaughter house is now 54 feet.
Trenches around the abattoir were never constructed and the fencing has been poorly done.

Mr Edward Natamba, the chief executive officer for South Western Institute for Policy Advocacy, a local NGO, said the contractor and his supervisors, the executive and the town clerk need to be investigated for the shoddy work.
The mayor, Mr Jacob Kafureka, admitted that the contractor did not do the work satisfactorily and added that the issue is being addressed.

The commissioning of the project has been stopped.
The Town clerk, Mr Christopher Ahimbisibwe, said all the anomalies are being rectified by the contractor before the project is handed over to the municipal council.
Efforts to speak to the director were futile by press time.

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