Clerics have resorted to fights – Rwandan bishop

By Stephen Otage

Kampala. The Anglican Church of Rwanda has decried the way clerics are running Churches today, saying many are behaving like clubs which have fights because of personal interests.
“Why should you fight yet you are Church ministers? Aren’t you serving the same mission? Leave Church property to the Church because it all belongs to Jesus Christ.

We are not here to serve personal interests,” Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo of Gahini Diocese in Rwanda said while closing the 2018 Diocese of Kampala Convention at St Stephen’s Church, Kisugu yesterday.
Bishop Bilindabagabo said the minimum requirement for one to be considered a Christian or born-again is living an exemplary life.
“Once you have accepted Jesus Christ in your heart, the rest will follow. You will begin serving his mission, spending on the Church will no longer be a burden and the clergy should be working towards converting those who are not decided,” he said.
Citing drug and substance addicts, the bishop said the best remedy for them is to bring them closer to God instead of confining them in rehabilitation centres.
While opening the three-day conference, Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali said people who claim to be born-again Christians are selfish and yet they attend church religiously implying that many are in Church physically but they are not growing spiritually.
The Kampala Diocese Convention which is held annually brings together followers to dig deeper into their faith and seek spiritual renewal.

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