City lawyer tips on love, family and finances


Being tough does help matters and only creates tension within the family.

PIC: City lawyer Elias Luyimbazi Nalukoola speaking at an introduction ceremony in Wakiso, where he shared family tips


WAKISO – “In this age, being dictatorial in a marriage does not work. That was for back in the day. Instead, a man should learn to play [have fun] with his wife and children and use it to establish communication channels within the family.”

That was one of the many tips that city lawyer Elias Luyimbazi Nalukoola shared with couples.

He said cutting an ever-tough figure does help matters and only creates tension within the family.

The 36-year-old, while speaking at an introduction ceremony og Muzamiru Kasujja Ssekitto and Naema Namugenyi in Nsangi, Wakiso district, said regular outings are healthy for any family.

Torelance is equally important, added Nalukoola, who is the former Kawempe Division council deputy speaker.

“I advise you, the marrieds and those coming to this noble institution of family, to focus on the positive things your partner has rather than the negative aspects.”

Speaking on Saturday, the city lawyer said no-one is perfect and no person should demand their partner to be so — otherwise it can lead to collapse of a marriage.

“In marriage, trouble usually sets in when one of the partners demands that their better half should be perfect. If, for example, the wife has 60%, the remaining 40% should be filled in by the husband to complement each other.”

Nalukoola, who is the founding partner of Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates & Solicitors, advised couples to focus on attributes such as beauty, kindness intelligence the other might possess instead of dwelling on the negatives.

‘Discuss finance issues early’

Nalukoola said courtship is key

On financial matters in a family, he said anything related to money ought to have been discussed during courtship.

During that period, the couple would have learnt each other’s behavior and developmnt attributes.

Nalukoola, who is passionate about public speaking and discussing constitutional law, underlined that courtship is critical before lovers get married.

particularly tipped women to be content with the wealth they possess as a family other than running after richer men. He also advised them to work hard and be faithful, saying more wealth comes with determination, focus and commitment.

At the function were also Democratic Party officials, including the party secretary general Gerald Siranda.

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