Chinese firm donates Shs200m worth of items after failing to sell them

By Stephen Otage

MUKONO. The Mukono County North Member of Parliament, has said they are beginning to work with the district health authorities to train the area residents on how to provide first aid to accident victims.

While receiving an assortment of medical supplies on Saturday, Ronald Kibule the area MP also the State Minister in charge of water resources said besides the common traffic accidents along the Jinja-Kampala Highway, his constituents are victims of boda boda accidents as they till their gardens.

“We do not need to elaborate on the Jinja Road accidents. Boda bodas are injuring people daily and even as these people work in gardens, hoes are cutting them and even the pangas so they need help,” he said.

He explained that besides their daily work in the community, village health teams will providing the area residents with basic skills on how to give first aid to accident victims before they are transferred to hospital.

On Saturday, Tian Tang group, a Chinese company manufacturing Mattresses, Iron Steel bars, manufacturing furniture and packaging materials, donated an assortment of medical supplies which included plasters, cotton wool and iodine to residents of Naama Sub County in Mukono district as part of their annual Corporate Social Responsibility.

According to Owen Jim, the company head of administration, the donation came from one of their business partners from China who had imported two containers of the items valued at Shs200million hoping to sell them and make money, but after failing to sell the items, he abandoned them and returned to China because he was instead incurring more expenses in rent and taxes thereby abandoning them.

“We decided that instead of leaving them to expire and incur expenses of destroying them, let us give them out to the community because most of them like cotton wool and plasters are items used outside the body,” he said adding that they handed the items to government to distribute them to ensure safety for the users.

Jinja-Kampala High way is one of the most notorious roads for traffic accidents which sometimes have turned fatal. Instead of rescuing victims, residents near accident scenes usually ransack victims to steal valuables from them and leave them to die instead of helping to save their lives.

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