Can lack of sex cause back pain?

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I have had chronic back pain for a while now and I have been told that it is caused by lack of sex. Is this true and if so, how often should one have sex in a month to avoid the pain? Jejefu

Dear Jejefu,
Backache is mostly caused by problems with structures of the back including muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cushions between bones (discs), and skin but can result from ailing areas remote from the back, including abdominal organs such as kidneys or a constipated rectum.
Structures of the back as we age may show wear and tear effects and hurt while abdominal organs such as the kidneys are more likely to ail with advance in age.
Many Ugandans, wrongly believe that lack of sex can cause a build up of water in the back leading to backache.
However, it may be too much sex that may hurt the back leading to back pain. It is very important that you get your back checked properly to find the real cause of the backache whose treatment will actually not interfere with your sex, life given that back pain can interfere with sex.

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