Budget options for interior walls

By Gloria Kawuma

There is this house that is being constructed in the housing estate I live in, which has become a source curiosity for my husband and I. Every time we drive by, we find ourselves slowing down when we get to it to ‘monitor’ the progress on it as we try to figure out the plan.

Normally, such curiosity would be understandable if the house was huge, or if it was oddly shaped. But the unique thing about this particular house its exterior walls which have been built complete with window slits all the way to the roofing process.

It is clear he is using every cost effective method he can afford for instance he chose the flat roof design and built the frame with eucalyptus poles as opposed to the traditional logs of timber.

So he has got us debating about what he is going to do for the interior walls and the ceiling. Since he is going the cost effective way our thoughts are on;
Mud brick walls built to three quarters in height with the exception of bedroom walls. This way, lesser cement, sand and bricks are used.

Or perhaps he is going to do the local timber panels. These are becoming more common and trendier, especially in cafes and safari resorts. Their beauty lies in maintaining their natural colour where the timber lines are visible and the nails at the joints. This is a very economical rustic, in-vogue option.

Thought three is that he may be preparing to use gypsum boards. Gypsum boards are no longer an ‘out of reach’ option. There has been a rise in the number of craftsmen for this service which has made it more affordable.

The hesitation most people have with using gypsum boards in their homes is the assumption that they may easily crumble under pressure of a punch, or something heavy being thrown at them; like in the movies. Or even that it is easy for thieves to tear them down if they break in compared to clay and mortar walls. But when you think about it, what are the chances that this is going to happen? When thieves have broken into the house their mission is not to break walls but to rob.

These boards have been used as office partitions for a long time. The other advantage is that it is easier to drill through them when decorating, you may not have to hire help but do it yourself.


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