Bouncers seek government recognition

By Damali Mukhaye

Bouncers, under their group, The Umbrella for Uganda Bouncers Association (UUBA) want to be recognized by the government as security officers and also be paid a higher salary.
The UUBA administrator, Mr Tonny Ssempijja, yesterday led a group of bouncers to meet the minister of Kampala Beti Kamya so that she can help them access president Museveni.
Speaking to Daily Monitor, before meeting Ms Kamya in a closed door meeting, Mr Ssempijja said that since they are providing security to city dwellers in entertainment places, they are also contributing to the security of the country so they should also be recognized.
“We do security at night in different places like bars, hotels and restaurant therefore we should also be accepted and detained by president Museveni. That way our job is also recognized and regulated accordingly,” Mr Ssempijja said.
They also want to be trained on how to handle people who go to places they guard with guns or while drunk and also enjoy the benefits other security officers are enjoying like a moderate pay and be able to benefit from government’s Operation Wealth Creation.
“What we are doing is part of security so the government should consider giving us some money since the little money we receive from the owners of those entertainment places is small,” Mr Ssempijja said.
Speaking to Journalists after the three-hour meeting Ms Kamya said that she was not aware about their group promising to meet them soon with other government officials and security personnel to see how to streamline their job.
“In two weeks’ time, I will lead a delegation of government officials including the Inspector General of Police Mr Martin Okoth Ochola and see how we can streamline your job,” Ms Kamya said.
She also promised to consult the courts of intelligence so that they can also consider taking the bouncers through security training.
UBAA was formed after bouncers felt that their jobs were at stake following the death four musicians, including the late Mowzey Radio, who were reportedly hit in different bars by bouncers.

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