Bobi Wine in Masaka for DP reunion

By Ivan Kimbowa

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is today (Friday) in Masaka Municipality for the Democratic Party (DP) reunion.

Bobi Wine went live on Facebook to show the events at Liberation Square in Masaka town. People have been seen and heard chanting “People Power Our Power” Bobi Wine’s popular slogan.

Our reporter learnt that in the morning hours, police patrolled and also camped outside Tropical Inn hotel in Masaka where they expected Bobi Wine to be but later withdrew after realising that he was not inside. There have been deployments in spots such as Welcome roundabout in Nyendo, Kijjabwemi Junction, Ndikutamadda Junction from Kyotera and Nakayiba town in Nyendo.

Mugisha Muntu, the former president of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who on Wednesday parted ways with the party is also in attendance.

At the entry point, Police have blocked youth from accessing the venue with vuvuzelas; they can only enter without them.

Meanwhile Fred Mukasa Mbidde, one of Uganda’s East African Legislative Assembly’s (EALA) representatives, survived being beaten by a click of DP youths protesting his attendance. Early this week, Mbidde told a press conference that he intends to contest against Mathias Mpuuga, the current Masaka municipality MP. He accused Mr Mpuuga of being incompetent. Mbidde, is one of Uganda’s EALA representatives.

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