Bishop blames greedy clergy for failing church


KUMI/SOROTI. The Dean of the Province in the Anglican Church, Bishop Thomas Edison Irigei of Kumi Diocese, has cited greed and selfish ambition by some clergy as key issues causing power struggle in church.
On his visit to Nyero Parish on Tuesday, he said the ugly scenes emerging from some dioceses are a result of some church leaders wanting to misuse their positions for selfish gains other than the development of the Church.

He said the Church law is clear on when leaders are supposed to retire after serving their term of office.
“You have to relinquish power and must be in a right way that does not put your legacy into question or that of the Church. I will be leaving office next year in December, but the manner in which I will be leaving counts a lot,” Mr Iregei told Christians.

“I don’t want to hear a bad record after my retirement that religious leaders of Kumi Diocese are also fighting to stay or enter certain offices. You must remain enrooted in Christ and worship God in spirit, patiently wait in prayer and surrender power peacefully,” he added.
Commenting on the postponement of elections for the Bishop of Soroti Diocese, Rt Rev Irigei, who heads the House of Bishops, said certain issues were not followed during nominations.
Two names of Rev John Robert Angiro and Rev Robert Olupot were nominated in March 2018 but Bishop Irigei said the names were submitted a day to the election.

Mr Irigei added that the House of Bishops, where the archbishop also sits, halted the verification process. He added that there was a petition that accused the sitting Bishop George William Erwau of interfering with the election process.
“The synod was supposed to form a nomination committee of 14 members who will be joined by the lawyer in the absence of the bishop, but claims in the petition allege that the bishop dictated on the synod,” Bishop Irigei said.

He said unless things are put right, the declaration for the new Bishop will be delayed.
“If the nomination committee under right procedures brings back the same names before the House of Bishops, we shall vet the candidates accordingly. But if they fail, we shall reject those names and call for fresh nominations,” he said.
Bishop Erwau on Sunday admitted that some Christians sent a minority report to the House of Bishops but did not specify.
“I urge the Christians to keep in prayer, they will find the rightful Bishop,” he said.

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