Balaam Flies To US To Enjoy Chameleone Concert Profits


Early this week we revealed how singer Jose Chameleone had clashed with promoter Balaam Barugahare over money related issues.

It is said that their clash stems from the money that was collected at Chameleone’s ‘Legend Hit After Hit’ concert which he staged at the Lugogo Cricket Oval concert last Friday.

It is said that Chameleone developed some sort of greedy motives after realizing that there was a massive turn up and that Balaam had collected lots of dime.

It is believed that the event attracted a big turn up of around 20000 revelers. With that estimation Balaam is said to have earned between Shs350m and Shs400m.

This left Chameleone very discontented because he was only paid upfront Shs30m for the concert.

Sources say that Chameleone wanted some more money from Balaam because of the huge turn up, which the latter refused to surrender.

However, latest info reaching us has it that the self-styled promoter has jetted out of the country to the US to enjoy his massive profits from Chameleone’s concert.

A source says that he travelled to the US to kill two birds with one stone, since he hopes to also execute some business during the trip.

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