Babe Giving Chameleone’s Wife Sleepless Nights Exposed


A few months ago singer Jose Chameleone developed misunderstandings with his wife Daniella Atim, who had taken their marital woes to courts of law, seeking a divorce.

Daniella had asked the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court to annul her marriage on grounds of cruelty. She stated in her petition number 72 of 2017, filed on April 18, 2017, that Chameleone batters and tortures her and the children.

Through Okurut and Company Advocates, Atim stated that in 2013 Chameleone started physically torturing her and sometimes would go home drunk and beat her up without any reason.

However, we have uncovered a rather disturbing allegation that might take the couple back to bickering.

Word from the grapevine has it that there is a city babe whose name we are yet to identify, who has remained in close contact with the Singer, yet she is believed to have fueled the troubles between him and Daniella.

Babe Giving Chameleone’s Wife Sleepless Nights Exposed

It is alleged that whenever the singer is out of his marital home on duty, this babe casts out her nets wide by proposing affection for the Singer.

Sources reveal that the rather quiet but naughty and luscious babe has allegedly been seeing the Singer for over six months now.

Snoops also reveal that this babe was smoked out at the Singer’s concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, where she had a reserved table from his Leone Island team.

An insider intimated to our Snoops that Daniella has for long been suspecting Chameleone  of seeing someone else and she recently set a trap for the two so as to nab them.

It is not yet clear what she is planning to do with the two but whatever happens we do wish the trio all the luck in the world.

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