Aziz Damani promotion promises a shift in status quo


UCA Awards

Jazz Safari National Women’s League Division Two


Aziz Damani Masaka SS

Player of Series

Immaculate Nakisuyi

Best Batsman

Immaculate Nakisuyi

Best Bowler

Jane Baluka

Best Fielder

Maria Mwesige

Best Wicket Keeper

Aziz Damani Masaka SS’ qualification to the top flight of the Jazz Safari National Women’s League could spell a shift in powers as on-the-edge-of-your-seat competition a waits.

They cruised into the top flight in rather commanding fashion-looked like they did not have competition in the second tier last season.

They no doubt have the capacity of automatically becoming natural contenders in the division one.

Boasting of a strong financial muscle, it is the latest addition to the Aziz Damani ever-growing family. There is acapacity of making further recruits to bolster Coach Yusuf Nanga’s side.

Immaculate Nakisuyi was the driving engine in the all-conquering Aziz Damani Masaka SS last season and no wonder she scooped three accolades during the UCA Awards.

She registered a total of 469 runs, managing an average of 93.80 runs, bowled 20.2 overs and took 8 wickets to become player of series. Her total number of runs was still the biggest return from a player, winning the best batsman. Still, her 5 dismissals made her the best wicket Keeper.

However there were claims that her resolve with the club was tested one too many times but if and when she stays at the club, there is a strong feeling that with her in the team’s ranks, the western Uganda side can achieve anything with this year’s season not far away!

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