ARVs are my power bank

By Phionah Nassanga

Living with HIV, Barbara Kemigisha is an HIV/Aids activist and counsellor.
Since I am always on the move, It is hard for me to take breakfast. I mostly eat fruits throughout the day. I rarely engage in exercise but I make up for it because my job requires me to walk long distances.
I make sure that I take my medicine on time. I know ARVs are my power bank and I cannot live without them. For this reason, I never skip taking my medicine even if I am infront of an audience.

I choose happiness
Because I live with HIV does not mean that I live a sad life. I choose not to worry about what I cannot change because if I do it means my mind will become sick, resulting in a weak immune system which will in the end weaken my body as well.

I always carry with me a bottle of water as I have to take my ARVs twice a day at 10am and 10pm. I also always carry a snack since I cannot take them on an empty stomach. But still I cannot avoid taking them just because I have not eaten. I can take them and eat a few minutes later, that is if am caught up by time.

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