Africell Cause Stampede Over Low Data Pricing


The cost of communica­tion is vital for personal and national growth. Ugandans are getting more discerning as regards what they want, and what they do not want, especially for data bundles offered by telecom companies.

For the past three weeks, social media has been awash with complaints about data bundles with many pointing fingers at who among the telecoms is pocket friendly

The cards appeared to be working excellently for Africell, but not so well for other competitors in the same industry.

While Airtel did not gather any vital cards good or bad, other leading telecoms were victims of bashing

Indeed, data cost ad­justments to try fit in the needs of subscrib­ers have been made by all service providers with Africell offering the lowest prices under the ‘don’t be cheated pomo’ that continue to cause shock waves across the industry and sets Africell as num­ber one choice for data prices

Africell all in

Last week was especially severe. From the posts, Africell appeared to be the run-to and it appeared there was an automatic gear driving affairs their way.

Meanwhile Africell con­tinues to lead the data market with their relatively low priced bundles and an extensive variety of offers for both data and voice. The stage looks set for an all out assault by Africell on the data market territory as the competition gets stiff by the day.

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