Abercom Uganda Technologies Unleashes ICT Plan


Abercom Uganda Technologies Limited (AUTL) has laid an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plan that will take Uganda software standards to a new level.

This was revealed by Hillary Mbabazi, the executive AUTL, a privately owned organization managed by a group of young youth located at UMA show grounds Lugogo.

According to Mbabazi, Abercom Uganda technologies deals in training of people with the ICT practical in line with the ICT, consultancy, offers ICT services and support by researching about society to find out problems that the society is facing . For that, an Abercom technology puts their heads together so that they can technologically solve the problems then thereafter. They innovate and comply with the tasks of solving the problem through technology. This is possible through their two incubation centers: the business incubation center and the innovation incubation center.

“The main aim of such an institution in Uganda is to become the world class ict function empowering Uganda and regional business into international ict standards. With the objectives like to enhance competitiveness and to improve the corporate image of our ICT firm by improving on the national ICT rankings ensure technological growth to heights in both the social and economical aspect s, to enhance and establish the company, ICT resources and infrastructure and to improve service delivery in business sectors by developing and implementing innovative services” Mbabazi told Red Pepper.

He further noted that the difference between Abercom Technologies with other companies is that other companies design websites while Abercom solves ecosystem problems. “It’s a private registered company with potential clients that have been offering reliable and dependable services in different sectors like health, agriculture and others. Where some services provided in terms of security is innovation of micro door locks for security. With all this, the company has handled services with big companies like the Uganda manufacturers association,” he added.

Mbabazi’s urge to the nation is that, Ugandans should embrace technology and people should embrace technology and government should fund and give genuine support through market for the innovators. Mbabazi also noted that they will carry out the fourth coming campaign beginning this month’s ICT exhibition at UMA show grounds Lugogo on the 29th and 30th of June 2017 under the theme ‘innovation, cognitive functions and next generation ict systems’.

“The exhibition aims at bringing together academia as well as industrial practitioners and innovators to discuss the emerging new technologies, systems, applications and identify their opportunities plus challenges in relation to human cognitive functions,” Mbabazi said, adding that, “The exhibition is a great opportunity to all Ugandans of different age groups where over 100 companies, both private and public are expected to exhibit the ict related products within these two days. Young men will be trained and shown on how ict can change the industry, the country at large and deliver jobs for the betterment of ict sectors in the country,” said Mbabazi.

In addition, more programs will be conducted such as ICT expo, regional tours of training about ict both n rural and urban centers, radio presentations to get people know and embrace technology.


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