67-year-old Makerere pensioner gets belated career guidance

By Stephen Otage

Kampala. A frustrated 67-year-old pensioner who has been chasing for his retirement benefits from Makerere University for the last seven years, yesterday left the conference venue an excited man having learnt what it takes to succeed in life and plan for one’s savings.
The documents that Mr Santos Ebong carried in his bag indicate that he worked at Makerere as a laboratory technician for 24 years before he retired from the job in 2012.
The university made calculations then and he was informed that he would receive Shs18m in retirement benefits.
According to him, only Shs8 million was released to his account, he was later informed that the university did not owe him any more money. Yesterday, he went to the University to inquire about the balance of the money. However, upon reaching the Vice Chancellor’s office where he had lodged a complaint on February 7, he says he was told the University did not owe him any money.
The news left him stranded at the Makerere University Main Building but was only saved by a student who sympathised with him and asked him to attend the NSSF-Monitor Publications’ career fair which was going on at the University’s Main Hall.
During the proceedings of yesterday’s career fair, Mr. Ebong’s attracted the attention of this reporter
“If I had got this knowledge (from the facilitators,) some years ago, I would have left this university where I wasted all those years and I am now struggling to get my pension,” he lamented.
Dr Mohammad Kiggundu, the University Public Relations Manager, confirmed to Daily Monitor yesterday that they worked together with Mr Ebong at the School of Education.
He linked him to the Dr John Kitayimbwa, the retirement benefits scheme secretary, to whom he advised him to channel his complaints since it is his office which handles those issues.
When this newspaper called Dr Kitayimbwa at 6:00pm to find out whether the pensioner had reached his office, he said he had not yet.
The 8th annual NSSF-Monitor Publications universities career fair yesterday wound up for this week at Makerere University.
Mr Awel Uwihanganye, the programme lead Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa, advised the students to begin from wherever they are saying the excuse of lack of capital will always keep them idle.


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