25 found dead in four months

By Joseph Kato

Kampala- At least 25 people have been found dead in their respective houses in Kampala Metropolitan area in the last five months, police have said. Of these, four were women.

Police suspects these could have died from suffocation, drugs, food poisoning, illness and strangulation but say investigations are ongoing.

The victims were aged between 20 and 40 and in all these cases, police rarely gave detailed accounts of what could have caused their death.

Out of these, four were Europeans from Finland, Italy, Belgium and Sweden whereas Ugandans were found dead in their houses in Makindye, Kampala, Nansana Municipality and Wakiso District.

“What we find common is that they are living alone,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire says.
On May 28, police was swiftly called in by locals of Mubarak Zone in Makindye after their neighbour was found dead in a house she was renting.

The woman, whose details police could not immediately avail, was discovered lying dead in her house after her neighbours knocked and realised there was no response.

“The locals and leaders broke into the house and discovered her body lying on bed. The body was intact, with no bruises, which are always the first signs of foul play,” Mr Owoyesigyire says.

This incident took place three days after police embarked on investigations to establish culprits that slit a woman’s throat in a lodge in Makindye.

A man was killed in a similar manner last year at a lodge located in the same area.
On April 10, residents of Kikajjo Zone, in Makindye-Ssabagabo Municipality, were left in shock when their fellow resident was found dead in his house.

Bod Gwazia was found lying dead on bed after disappearing for three days.

Residents notified authorities after a strong stench emanated from his house. The leaders contacted police which upon breaking the house found Gwazia lying dead on his bed with his shoes on.

Sarah Birungi, the caretaker of the houses in which the deceased was a tenant said she had last seen him almost a week before but thought he could have travelled.

A day before, Bashir Mubiru, a resident of Kibuye in Makindye Division was discovered dead in a house. A postmortem report pointed to food poisoning.

“These people die because they sometimes spend days unwell yet the neighbours are not alerted. We urge residents to embrace neighborhood watch to know what happens at their neighborhoods,” Mr Owoyesigyire suggests.
On April 1, Norah Kisakye was found dead in her house in Mengo, a Kampala suburb.

According to her friend, Angella Atugonza, Kisakye was a fuel pump attendant and left work on the fateful day without any complication.

She must have died from suspected strangulation, according to police.
Also Samali Nandudu, a student of hair dressing at Uganda Youth Development and Entrepreneurship Link institute was found dead in her house in Kiggundu zone, in Kawempe Mbogo by her neighbours.

She hailed from Mbale and her body was handed over to her relatives for burial.
Not only Ugandans have mysteriously been found dead in house or hotels but even foreigners.

Europeans found dead
Five foreign nationals died in Uganda between February 5 and 19.
Tersvouri Toomajuha Petteri, a 42-year-old Finish, died at Pearl of Africa Hotel on February 8 whereas Alex Sebastian, a 41-year-old Swede, died at Sheraton Hotel on February 6. The two had drug toxicities in their bodies according to police.

More two Europeans died in the same month.
The German was identified as Hans Jurgen Vallant, 64, and the Belgian as Eric Yvomr, 54.

Mr Yvomr was found hanging in his rented apartment in Muyenga B Zone, according to his woman friend.
Jurgen is said to have died of a heart attack after he was rushed to Nsambya hospital.

Other deaths
• Maureen Namakula, a resident of Kawala Zone, in Lubaga Division was found dead in her rented house on January 2.
• Geoffrey Bukenya was found dead at Nabbaale village in Mukono District on January 9.
• On January 12, Mzee Kaali was found dead at Misindye, Goma Division, Mukono Municipality.
• On January 22, Reggina Nassali was found dead in a house in Kitooro, Entebbe.
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