14 cadet pilots graduate from Soroti Flying School


The piped students were grateful that the national airline is set to make a comeback


Fourteen cadet pilot students who completed Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL) levels have graduated from the East African Civil Aviation Academy in Soroti.

The CPL students were awarded with advanced diplomas while the PPL students got certificates.

 Lt Col Ronald Turyamubona, the academy director, piped the students at the graduation ceremony held at the academy premises on Friday.

Turyamubona said the eleven CPL students are now left with 40 hours (approximately 60 days) to complete the last stage of Instruments Rating (IR) and multi-engine before going out to look for jobs while those in PPL can proceed to the next level of CPL.

“This is basically completion of one stage to another. Those in the air force will work with military aircraft while the civilians will remain here,” he said.

Turyamubona and the piped students were grateful that the national airline is set to make a comeback and that it will be a job market for them.

“We expect the coming Uganda Airlines to create more jobs for us. We are really very happy with what the government is doing for us,” student Mackay Phillip Wakooba said.

Moses Kusaasira one of the grandaunds said they were supposed to study for about 30 months to reach CPL level, but they spent about five years because of different uncertainties like the breakdown of aircrafts and weather conditions.

The graduands

CPL: Frank Mukasa, Moreen Namutosi, George Nasinyama, Moses Kusaasira, William Ariho, David Akandwanaho, Faridah Ashaba, Andrew Sanya, Andrew Okurut Otim, Grace Omuron, Seith Rwashande.

PPL: Hillary Odundo, Adaku Saverio Dratia, Badru Ssendag.


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