11-year-old boy dies in botched private clinic surgery


KAMPALA- Police in Kampala have announced that they would exhume the body of Sam Ssebunya, an 11- year- old boy who died at Cork Medical Centre in Kawanda, Nansana Municipality, in Wakiso District on Friday.

Ssebunya was taken to the clinic by his mother, Ms Harriet Nampanga, complaining of abdominal pain.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, said a doctor (name withheld on legal grounds), informed Ms Nampanga that her child was suffering from hernia and needed an urgent operation.

According to Mr Oweyesigyire, the doctor, who is on the run asked the mother to pay Shs300, 000 for an operation.

“She questioned whether the doctor had sufficient skills and equipment to conduct an operation on her child. He assured her the operation would be very successful,” Mr Owoyesigyire said.

In her statement at Kawempe Police Station, Ms Nampanga reportedly heard her child crying helpless in the “operation room” but she was chased when she tried save her wailing child.

“I heard my child shouting Maama ekiso nga kinene (Mummy the knife is so big). I tried to save my child but they convinced me to go home that the operation would be successful,” Ms Nampanga said.

Mr Owoyesigyire said the doctor called Ms Nampanga at night hours informing her that the child had been referred to Mulago Hospital for further management.
The mother reportedly rushed to Mulago Hospital and searched in the children’s ward and emergency unit but failed to see her child.

She said a doctor advised her to check in the mortuary where she found the child’s body.
“I suspect my child was taken to Mulago already dead. I did not find records showing whether he arrived there alive or dead. I didn’t see doctors who received him. I rushed back to the clinic to get an explanation on how my child died but all the workers had fled,” Ms Nampanga told police.

Police said as Ms Nampanga searched for answers from the health workers, some relatives connived with staff and stole the body from the morgue.

“This boy has been buried in Mityana District but there was no post-mortem conducted since his body was stolen from the mortuary. We are investigating how the boy’s body reached Mulago mortuary and who picked it from there,” he said.

Police said a hunt for the doctor and his co-workers has been launched since the mother has filed a case seeking answers for her child’s death.

He added that police has started a legal process to have Ssebunya’s body exhumed to carry out a post-mortem.

The clinic has since been closed by Nansana Municipal authorities as investigations into the case progress.

The incident comes barely a month after a clinician allegedly died at Fellowship Medical Centre in Matugga, Wakiso District and his body was found dumped in a swamp. Police arrested two suspects while three others are still at large.


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